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You are seeing the result of several months of our team’s work and dedication, aiming to provide you with a fresh platform that you can use to access our Company services, one that is not only direct and interactive, but also inviting and engaging.

As a result of such a drastic change, over the next couple weeks, you might experience minor errors while we make the very last adjustments.

Here is how we are rolling out the updates:

Inventory: This is our highest priority now. We are currently migrating the information and images of assets from the old website. Over the next few days most of the menu options and filters will be filled out with assets you can choose from.

Languages: As our sales are global, English will be the first idiom to be completed, followed by the Spanish and then the German and the French.

Articles & Newsletters: This segment was created to provide our audience with useful industrial information covering a broad range of topics. Expect updates on a weekly basis.

User Accounts: The new platform soon will allow our buyers to register, save items, send quote requests and purchase spare parts directly from our on-line store.

We would like to thank you for your patience in case you experience a glitch on the system, we can assure you that we are working really hard to confirm everything works properly.

We hope you enjoy our new site and will appreciate if you could please contribute to our work, letting us know any questions, comments or suggestions.

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